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Predator and the Prey

This post is in response to Tuesday Photo Challenge – Our World presented to us by ‘jansenphoto’.

There are two kinds of inhabitants in our world :

  1. The Predator
  2. The Prey

Be it animals, plants, insects ….. humans, there’s a predator lurking everywhere in our world.

Sometimes softly approaching the prey before prancing,

Sometimes waiting for you to fall into their traps,

Sometimes creating an illusion to fool their prey,

There’s nothing a predator won’t do.

Everyday many people fall prey to predators in human guise.

Such is our world.

Here I have tried to capture a glimpse of a predator in action (Note: Don’t judge a predator by it’s size.)

Welcome to the game…..
I am winning every round, Bug!
You finally fell prey.
Game over!

Our world hosts many predator and prey. I tried to present this today.

I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!


5 thoughts on “Predator and the Prey

  1. Awesome photos. I believe on day there won’t be any predators or preys. The lion will lay down peacefully with the lamb.

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  2. Amazing snaps to accompany the harsh truth about our world today.

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