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A Brighter World

This post is in response to Tuesday Photo Challenge – Our World presented to us by ‘jansenphoto’.

There are so many things in our world.

Even as we say ‘Our World’ it could mean the tiny world inside our minds or the huge and mighty one outside of it.

Today I will be talking about a brighter world and the person who has helped us achieve it.

From times immemorial the Sun has been the primary source of light during the day. While the Moon plays a cameo every fortnight.

Sun peeping through the greens
Hero of the night

Even then not every nook and corner could be touched by the light of these celestial bodies, so mankind started lighting lamps and burning candles until one day Thomas Alva Edison and his light bulb happened.

He didn’t last more than twelve weeks in school and yet his invention the light bulb has managed to be an important part of our lives even years after his death. So will it remain forever more.

From homes, to offices, schools, streets, underground, underwater, up in the sky, outside in the space……buddy there’s a bulb everywhere.

Clearly Edison has made our world brighter. He’s not here anymore yet he is omnipresent.

Imagine a world where the day ended as soon as it gets dark outside. Then imagine how much the light bulb has helped us accomplish things even when it got dark outside.

Our world would never be the same without the light bulb.

We can never imagine our world, a brighter world, without a light bulb.

Thank you for reading.

Have a great day ahead!

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3 thoughts on “A Brighter World

  1. Amazing snaps of those light bulbs. Very lovely 🙂

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