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Forget not

Moments away from celebrating 72nd Indian Independence Day but even after all these years it’s not possible to forget the immense sacrifice of our brothers and sisters.

During the Colonial British era ‘Indians’ were supposed to step down from the road if they saw any Sahib(Sir) or Memsahib(Madam) or even their vehicles plying on the road. This is what my grandmother recalls very clearly.

Many of our Indian brothers and sisters continuously fought for a free India. Back then there was a completely different scenario. Rebellions, strikes, etc. Many sought to violence yet others chose non-violence.

This fight was not easy nor was it short. It took almost two centuries yes nearly 200 years to get what was really ours, our freedom, our land, our Mother India.

The freedom that we are all enjoying today came at the cost of so many lives that cannot be counted. So many of our Indian freedom fighters who were shot down while trying to hoist our dear flag but even then they didn’t let the flag fall down. They held it up till their last breath.

Unimaginable stories of selfless sacrifice. Our grandparents surely have the best tales to tell. All of them wrapped up into one single day – Independence Day, the 15th of August.

If we really value their sacrifice then the first thing we must remember is to use our freedom responsibly, because with rights come duties.

Many many years have passed since our country gained independence but let this special event not be a distant memory that is spoken or heard of only on the 15th.

Forget not that they sacrificed their only life for our future.

Make their sacrifice count, make them proud.

Here’s wishing you all a very Happy Independence Day! Jai Hind.

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