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Easy Remedy

Before you pop a pill read this….

Ever heard of the Rhino virus?

Now, how common is Common cold and cough?

Well Rhino virus is the most common cause of the Common cold. And we all know how infectious it is. Not dangerous but certainly very infectious.

You would never want to stand next to someone with Common cold lest you catch it.

But just in case you catch one and you don’t want to pop a pill here’s what you can do:

1) Ginger (Adrak/Ada/Aduva) in tea : This is a good and easy remedy.

While preparing your tea just add some amount of ginger to the water. You can cut it to tiny bits or simply thrash it hard once and add it to your water.

Well if you are not a tea person then you can crush it properly in a mortar and consume both the crushed ginger and it’s juice.

2) Blackpepper (Golmirch/Golmorich) :

Another easy one. The process is still the same. Grind it or crush it and add it to your tea or even vegetables. It works. For real.

3) Honey (Shahad/Mou/Maha) :

This will work well for cough or sore throat. We all know that honey is warm and thick and this helps you heal.

4) Holy basil (Tulsi) :

The juice of the holy basil works wonders for not only cough and cold but also for asthma and bronchitis.

5) Spiced tea (Masala chai) :

Add a little bit of cinnamon (dalchini) and clove (lavang/laung/lavangnam) to your cup of tea. Crush it or add it whole as per your liking. It also adds a lovely aroma to your tea.

6) Gooseberry (Amla/Aamlokhi/Karauda) :

Not only is it useful during cough and cold but it also boosts your immunity.

7) Cumin (Jeera) :

Boil water with black pepper and add cumin and jaggery to it. This helps relieve chest congestion.

8) Milk with turmeric (Haldi wala doodh) :

Before going to bed take some milk with turmeric added to it. This aids you in speedy recovery from cough and cold.

9) Lemon and lime :

A little bit of lemon or lime if added with honey and/or cinnamon will also help fight cough and cold.

10) Warm water (Garam pani) :

If you have an itching sensation or are getting a feeling that you are about to catch a cold or fever then drinking warm water and sweating also helps prevent it.

11) Neem leaves :

Okay this one can be a bit bitter but consuming neem oil or neem leaves can help fight cough, cold and asthma.

Usually during winters I start to bleed from my nose, have stuffy nose, my nose lining swells, I have cough and cold. So I practice some of these home remedies as I too don’t prefer popping pills most of the time unless it is necessary.

But if the condition persists it is best to see a doctor.

I hope you found my post helpful. Thank you for reading.

(Feel free to comment and write suggestions.)

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