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Who’s the culprit?

I put in a lot of effort to keep the plants in my garden healthy. And this happens…..

Just look at my dear friends.
Someone dug something out of here…

So who’s the culprit?

Someone was on guard last night….
“I am telling you it’s not me….. It was Mr. Bug”

And Mr. Bug what do you have to say?

Mr. Bug – “Yummy dinner”

So these two were playing ‘cat and mouse’ yesterday night leaving my plants in the state that you just saw.

So now we know the culprit.

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4 thoughts on “Who’s the culprit?

  1. Sorry about your plant. I don’t know if this was meant to be funny or not, but I enjoyed the photos and story line. Were you mad?

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    1. A little bit but then he’s our pet so easily forgiven. I will repot the plants now. The plants are quite hardy so I think they will survive.
      Thank you for reading.


      1. I think I would have been a little upset too, but then I am reminded that animals are just being…well, animals. It’s what they do.

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