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Wisdom Tidbits for today! #Jan19

Good morning with a wonderful inspirational post!


Hello world, it’s weekend. All glory be to God.

Here is my wisdom tidbits for today never stop learning because life never stops teaching.

Life is a moving orbit, and those who are not moving will get stink.

Life is a process, and those who are not learning the process will end up being a waste product.

Life is a journey, and those who refuse to walk along will never get to a tangible destination.

Life is a gift, and those who never accept responsibility has no result to show.

Life is a game, and those who refuse to learn how to play the game will always be a loser.

So when you stop learning then you starts depreciating.

God bless you, happy weekend.


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7 thoughts on “Wisdom Tidbits for today! #Jan19

  1. Christianity is a journey, from the time of birth to the grave. During this course, We had been strengthened by sacrements given by the church. If we live accordingly we will be true Christians. We got to carry the cross and follow him.

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    1. Very true words sir. Follow Him and keep our faith alive. He is there for us.


  2. Are you following the theological virtues namely: faith, hope, Charity then you are half way along the journey.

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    1. Yes, indeed I follow these virtues and put them to practice too.


    2. Both human virtues and theological virtues when connected it forms a complete tree. Then you become a true believer of Christianity.

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  3. Then if the tree is properly rooted, what ever the strengh of the blowing could be the will never be uprooted.

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