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Working on Relationships 5 : (Mutual) Understanding

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Hello readers and my dear friends!

Are we ready to work on our relationships?

So here we go. Today let’s talk about Mutual Understanding.

Scene 1

Mr. : Did you do the dishes?

Mrs. : No dear, I am too tired today. Had to go to school to attend the Parent Teacher Meeting. On my way back I stopped by at the grocery store and got us some fresh vegetables. Then I took the dog out for a walk and finally I took the kids to their tuition classes. I am too tired to do the dishes. Will you help me?

Mr. : (Tired of working in the office) Okay. Will do.

Scene 2

Mrs. : Did you forget to pay the electricity bill?

Mr. : Extremely sorry! I am working on this really important presentation that means a lot to my boss. I thought I would remind you but I guess I forgot that too. Will you do it?

Mrs. : (After doing tons of laundry, cleaning every nook and corner in the house, helping the kids with homework, preparing dinner) Okay dear. Will do.

Now had they not understood each other then surely they would have fought over these issues. Like say for example : Hey! I work at the office till my back breaks and you order me to do the dirty dishes when I return? You simply sit back at home and relax!

Or like this : I take care of everyone and everything at home. Can’t you do this simple thing? Do I have to remind you of each and everything or are you not interested in our family anymore?

And this is exactly how you ruin a good relationship.

Don’t consider yourself superior to your spouse.

Don’t consider your spouse as inferior to you or anyone.

The key to happiness at times of turmoil is Understanding.

You understand a little bit of his problems and he understands a little bit of your problems. That’s how it works.

Losing your cool over just having to do the dishes once in a week/month is certainly not very mature of you.

Taking care of the bills once/twice a year also doesn’t hurt you in any manner.

In a family one has to take up responsibilities, maybe lots of them but you have got to shoulder it. Maybe you didn’t promise that but you must understand it. Understanding is the key.

It’s not his house or her house. It belongs to both of you, equally. It’s not her child or my child, it’s our child.

Then you can certainly understand that it’s not her job to do the dishes and his job to pay the bills. It’s both of yours responsibility. Take turns.

Life will be a lot more easy to live if you understand each other. That is Mutual Understanding.

Thank you for reading!

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