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The Last Hug

This post is in response to :

Word of the Day Challenge presented by Dee Kelly

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Daniel was waiting for Kia at CP.

CP – It was an old and ordinary restaurant but was always quite eventful.

In short the restaurant was enigmatic.

Kia showed up through the main door. It had almost been a year. She stopped frequenting this place ever since Daniel left and yet he was here again.

Kia looked across the room and saw Daniel sitting there quietly. No smile greeted her. So she didn’t smile back.

Dimly lit. Heavy wooden furniture. Heavy and dark coloured curtains. Top to bottom glass windows. The place looked the same.

Daniel looked the same.

There was only one thing missing. The smile, Daniel’s smile. Not the one on his lips but the one from his eyes.

A few years ago they were the most jolly good couple everyone talked of. Daniel’s enigmatic smiling eyes pierced Kia’s heart everytime she looked at him.

She walked up to him. Sat right next to him. But he didn’t look at her. He had come here to say goodbye. Forever.

They ordered their old ye’ favourite Vegetable Soup. Gulped down awkwardly. He said plainly – “This is over. I came here to say my last and formal goodbye. After this we never talk to each other again. You go your way and I go on mine. Hereby I bid you farewell.”

Kia realised that her role in Daniel’s life was deciduous. Although he never spoke of it but he had replaced her with someone else.

Daniel’s deciduous love, just like his deciduous smile.

Kia was deeply hurt but didn’t show. She felt like throwing up. In her eyes the old Daniel still lingered.

So she requested one last hug. “Daniel let me hug you one last time.” She moved forward and hugged him but he turned his face away.

He didn’t reciprocate that last hug.

Because he had already found someone else to share his enigmatic smile.

They got up and parted their ways without looking at each other.

So, the last hug was very memorable for Kia. Because Daniel had served it cold.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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