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After The Last Hug

This post is in response to :

Writing Every Week – # Week 2 presented by Kripi

Reena’s Exploration Challenge # Week 58 presented by Reena.

I thank them both for presenting us with this opportunity.

Find the prequel to this post in The Last Hug (click me).

Kia was a very lively, motivated and outgoing person. Yeah she “was” all of this but now she mostly kept herself to the four walls of her room.

Sitting on a chair in a corner she now thinks about her life and it’s sorrows.

She had become a real whiner.

Nowadays she found the salt not right, the day too sunny or windy, the cracks in the wall more prominent, the poster a little crooked and so on.

Even in the company of her good friends, loving family she wasn’t at peace. Her mind was constantly occupied by the thoughts of Daniel.

Mostly about how Daniel left her for another woman and about how his “love you forever” lasted for only two short years.

Kia still remembers the short, blunt and brutal conversation she had with him recently :

Kia: “Daniel, I called you to say that I still am deeply in love with you. You know that….. ”

Daniel cut her short and replied: “Kia, I loved you once, but not anymore. So please stop calling me. And yeah one more thing – Don’t expect anything from me!”

He hung up on her.

So now Daniel was acting like a jilted lover.

Inspite of this tremendous shock in her life she had to keep herself together. She could feel the stress build up.

She felt like Atlas carrying the sky – for eternity.

But she had to keep moving. She had bills to pay so she had to go to work. She has a loving family so she wanted to be alive for them. And she didn’t want to break her parents hearts by narrating her own heart breaking story.

So she smiled through the crevices of her broken heart. Testing times.

Two days ago, Spence, her childhood friend had asked her out on a date which she politely turned down. She cited her reason as : “I am in a relationship with Daniel.”

But in actual she was afraid that maybe at some point Spence will walk all over her heart just as Daniel did. So she thought it would be best not to encourage any relationship. She was being pessimistic about it’s chances of success.

Kia slowly got up from her chair and said to herself: “I lost myself somewhere and now I want to find myself. I can’t be confined to this corner forever.”

That was the day she stopped crying her eyeballs out over Daniel.

She shut the door behind her as she walked out of her room.

Thank you all for reading and have a nice day!


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