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‘Nuts’ about nuts

Good evening everybody!

Today’s post is about a nut which is let’s say unsung. But all the same in certain regions it is widely popular.

Yes I am talking about the Areca nut. It is also known as the Betel nut or Tamul (in Assamese) or Supari.

Two days back I was visiting this roadside marketplace. It’s usually bustling so I went in the afternoon to avoid the crowd.

As I was buying some vegetables I chanced upon some Areca nuts being sold. Got a bunch of them and rushed home.


Frankly speaking I am not a very big fan of Areca nuts and I don’t use it for consumption but it is a hardy plant of Assam and I wanted to grow a few for myself.

It is very very easy. Infact it’s sapling will peep out of the mud even without you noticing it’s presence. Or in other words it doesn’t need much care or attention.

So I got a earthen pot full of mud and started potting each one of them in it.

There is no special potting mix. I am using natural alluvial soil available here.
This is what it looks like. Ready to grow.

Yes! As easy as that.

Once all of them go in(i planted seven of them), cover it completely with the same soil. Leave it like that till the saplings sprout out. Once the saplings sprout out we have to shift them to the ground from the pot.

All done and covered.

How popular is it in Assam?

Very very popular. Almost everybody likes to have a bite of Tamul-Paan after their lunch or dinner.

(Paan is a heart shaped leaf known as Betel leaf in English)

Wedding or birthday invitations are accompanied by Tamul-Paan.

Tamul-Paan is also used and accepted as Prasadam(offering) to deities in temples.

What are it’s benefits?

It is useful in aiding digestion.

Can improve oral health and bad breath.

Good for both women’s and men’s health.

It’s health related importance is talked of in Ayurveda.

Improves anaemia, low blood sugar and muscle strength.

Are there any side effects and allergies?

Yes there are. Pregnant women must avoid it as it can harm the foetus.

Excessive consumption of Tamul can cause cancer so it is best to limit it’s consumption.

Not at all suitable for asthma patients as it can worsen their health condition.

Can cause low blood pressure in some individuals.


This little fellow might trouble you a little bit but otherwise there is nothing to stop the plants growth.

Annoying little fellow.

So friends this was all for today. I will surely share more once these saplings sprout out. Let’s wait and watch how it turns out to be.

Until then take care and have fun!

Thank you all for reading.


4 thoughts on “‘Nuts’ about nuts

  1. This was interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Areca nuts are addictive and many people either don’t know or don’t care about it’s side effects and benefits as well. Thought I could share.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have never seen nor heard of Areca nuts. Its always nice to learn something new. They are unusual looking too.


      2. Yes they are unlike other nuts available in the market and have a very strong taste and smell. People who consume it have to spit it out every now and then. Also it is addictive.


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