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There is something beautiful about those love stories that are incomplete, because it had to be that way…..

(The following story is purely fictional and any relation to any person is purely coincidental)

Those beautiful days though short lived were some of the best days of my school life. Let me give you all a walk-through.

At the crack of dawn I would get up and get ready for school. A normal day in the life of an 8th standard kid. Those boring classes which I usually yawned away until ‘he’ happened.

The first time I noticed his existence was when he was walking through the corridor towards his classroom. And since then I had permanently reserved a seat near that door of my classroom which faced the corridor.

Desperate! That’s what people would have said. But we all know how love works through our brains and hearts.

He was a 10th standard kid. Yeah! Kids we were. Young love. First love. You always remember yours.

Unfortunate it may sound but glimpses of him walking here, standing there was all that ever happened. I was scared to approach him. He was disciplined, strict yet gentle and humble.

An aura of his that attracted me even when we never exchanged words. Only glances.

Our school had organised an annual function and I was supposed to be carrying a bouquet in my hand to be presented to some guests. Lucky I was that day. He was also standing there with a bouquet in his hands right beside me.

But nervous and scared that I was. I never mustered the courage to talk let alone bring up the matters in my heart. So there was an awkward silence until he broke it. “Excuse me miss, what time is it? ” he asked.

I got startled and my hands started shaking but I had to answer and so I did. “It’s 3pm.”

“Thank you!” he answered and turned away. Yeah turned away. Things would have been different had I told him which I never did. I was scared of consequences.

But I should have talked for better or for worse. That was my mistake.

After he passed his final exams he shifted to another school. The last I remember seeing him was at the school gate.

Courage, a little bit of courage and this story wouldn’t have been incomplete.

The 3pm then and the 3pm now. Life has changed a lot in between this time gap but the feelings haven’t.

Don’t leave your story incomplete.

(Do leave your thoughts in the comment box. Suggestions from all my friends are welcome.

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Thank you for reading! Hope to see you again.

Have a great day everyone!

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