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Flower of the Day : Azalea

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Cee Neuner’s challenge Flower of the Day FOTD January 2

Your Daily Word Prompt by Sheryl

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Azaleas bloom in spring and their flowers last for several weeks.

They are shade tolerant and bloom even under shade.

Prefer well drained and acidic soil.

Known as ‘sixiang shu’ or ‘thinking of home bush’ in Chinese culture.

Azaleas are highly toxic.

Azaleas don’t require much fertiliser and grows slowly, naturally. Just like true love, as in this quote:

True love comes naturally

It’s never forced

~ Anonymous

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A Pause for Nature with Sanah


5 thoughts on “Flower of the Day : Azalea

  1. Wonderful azalea photos. 😀

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  2. Now I can’t wait to see my azaleas again. Should be about 3 1/2 more months!

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