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The lady

Caution: This post contains topic such as domestic violence.

A true incident

My college was on the outskirts of the main city. Took about an hour to reach via any public transport.

That day I had to go to the education hub of the city, Panbazar. I was travelling alone so I took the early morning bus.

Many children were boarding the bus, some were accompanied by their guardian. Occasionally the bus stopped in front of various schools.

On one such stop a lady boarded the bus. She was accompanied by her two children in their school uniforms.

She looked sad, wore worn out pale coloured saree, unkempt hair tied up in a bun. In the first glance I thought she was tired.

They sat down on empty seats and she was staring out the window. She was rather very sad than tired. So I tried reading the details a little.

On a closer look I could see bruises on her arms, then I saw cigarette burn marks on the back near her neck above the boundary line of her blouse.

I felt my stomach turn. I was shocked.

Her little daughter looked up at her face and gave a sweet smile. She smiled back at her in the sweetest way possible.

She was like ‘Atlas lifting the world on his shoulders’ and yet the burden instantly melted away as she saw her daughters smile.

Her children were perhaps the sole purpose of her life.

A few minutes into the ride and they got down in front of a school.

There are so many women who suffer from domestic violence and yet remain quite. There maybe a number of reasons, like say: reputation, children, society, this and that.

But we must realise that domestic violence is a criminal offence and should not be supported.

If ever we find anyone suffering and can be of help to them then we must go forward and help them.

Let’s put an end to domestic violence.

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3 thoughts on “The lady

  1. Bitter truth of our uncivilized world

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed.
      Thank you for reading!


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