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Name the Orchid

Good morning dear readers!

Yesterday I shared a post A Gift where I had mentioned of receiving lovely plants as gifts from our relatives.

They went on a trip to Nagaland and brought us back these beauties.

I had also mentioned about an orchid whose name I do not know. We potted it today and this is how it looks.

My mother made use of an unused dustbin with big pores in it because proper air circulation is very important for orchids.

She also added some soil at the base. You can choose to add rocks, pebbles, etc for proper drainage but don’t add bricks.

We think bricks are not a good option.

A good amount of water while potting it for the first time and then it will need it’s regular share of light, sun and water.

I will update again once it starts flowering. We are keeping our fingers crossed for the first bloom.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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