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Mr. Will

I slowly entered the principals office.

“The file should be here somewhere” I whispered to myself.

I was in the guise of a reindeer, this years mascot for sports week. Nobody would suspect a jolly and cheerful mascot.

I am a man of science. I have been teaching students for the last ten years. But I have no family and I get lonely sometimes. This made me fall for a young cheerleader and I got a little too close to her.

However the principal and her assistant caught us red handed and even took pictures of us which should never come out in front of everyone.

If only I get my hands on that file where the photos are stored, I would destroy the evidence, resign from this school and go to another city to join a different school. Maybe even start a family.

‘The principal is a crazy old woman. She has way too many antlers in her office than the decorated wall of a professional hunter’ I said to myself.

(Courtesy – Kristian Fogarty)

Just then I saw the fawn in the photo move. I thought I was hallucinating when it turned to look at me.

`What do you call yourself?’ the Fawn said at last. Such a soft sweet voice it had!

I felt my knees wobble and head spin. And I fainted.

“Mr. Will? Can you hear me? Are you Okay?” the principal asked.

I slowly opened my eyes to see the police waiting with handcuffs ready to arrest me.

(Word count – 250)

(Mr. Will will surely serve some time in jail for his actions and bad judgements. Let us learn a lesson from his story.)

50 Word Thursday #19

Your Daily Word Prompt – Guise

Thank you for reading!

© A Pause for Nature with SanaH


3 thoughts on “Mr. Will

  1. I do love a moral and a lesson with a good tale. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am very glad you enjoyed the story.
      I too enjoy being a part of this challenge!
      Looking forward to taking part in many more. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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