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When Sam was little his parents knew what career he would choose in the future. Becoming an archaeologist.

It first started when Sam used his play tools and dug up their garden at multiple places discovering the bones that their pet dog had buried.

Now Sam was all grown up. He made a lot of significant discoveries. Ancient civilisations, long lost art and culture, and the list continues.

Sam loved to travel solo. Because of the freedom and also because he wanted all the credit to himself.

He discovered many statues and other items belonging to some unknown civilisations. They are still on display at the museum.

It was on one such exploration that Sam had discovered the shiny figurine of a woman. It is very unique, nothing like Sam had ever seen before. He began polishing it with his own clothes. He was analysing the intricate details of the figurine when someone hit him on the back of his head.

Whack! His skull cracked.

No one could ever recover his body. The rescue team which went in search of him could only find some of his hair drenched in blood, glasses, watch, shoes, scribble pad and the figurine.

They fear that he was eaten up by the cannibals of the nearby jungles.

The shiny figurine of the woman still stands today on display at the museum. Just look at the bottom right corner of the picture.

(Courtesy – Tales from the mind of Kristian)

(Word count – 237)

(I am sorry for not being able to maintain the 50 word increment rule. I will definitely follow it in the upcoming challenges.)

Inspired by

50 Word Thursday by Kristian

Thank you for reading!

© A Pause for Nature with SanaH


7 thoughts on “Remains

  1. Intriguing

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  2. Blood on her hands, eh?

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  3. A well-developed — and believable! — tale.

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    1. Thank you so much for appreciating!! 😊💕


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