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My march in March : The Attacks and After

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I had to face quite a few asthmatic attacks.

The feeling of not being able to breathe is hard to explain in words.

You simply cannot pull in air into your lungs no matter how hard you try. You have no choice but to wait till you get your breathing back and that my friend takes some time.

During the instance of an attack it is common that a person will do anything from hitting/scratching the walls to throwing things here and there to jumping around just in hope to get ones breathing back.

If it is accompanied by cough then there is a probability that the person may throw up as well.

When you finally get back your breathing you will be shaking/trembling terribly, not being able to hold up a cup of water, not being able to sit up as well. But all the same thankful to get your breathing back. Thankful to get your life back.

At times like this you must go visit your doctor (a specialist). Never ignore such symptoms because you really need help. Get your prescriptions and follow the doctors advice.

Rest my friends is life.

There are many people who don’t even have access to primary healthcare facilities. You are lucky if you are able to avail it.

Treat others well. Do as much good to others (and yourself) as possible. Help others and expect nothing in return.

Give your life a purpose and a proper meaning. You never know what happens next.

To all my friends and readers who prayed for me, THANK YOU!

God bless you!

Thank you for reading!

© A Pause for Nature with SanaH


2 thoughts on “My march in March : The Attacks and After

    1. Thank you so much for appreciating!
      God bless!


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