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My march in March : Asthmatic Problems

Hello friends and my dear readers!

In this post I would like to share about my struggle with ill health in the previous month of March. That’s nothing interesting but I am also going to say a few things about being asthmatic.

First of all, it’s been raining a lot. So much so that sometimes we go without Sun/sunshine for days in a row. To add to it we live close to the Himalayan range that stretches into Northeast India and it’s been snowing heavily there. Say like knee deep snow in there. (It snows in higher parts of Arunachal Pradesh, I live in a town very close to Arunachal Pradesh) So the weather here is very very cold.

That really doesn’t help the condition of asthmatic patients.

Secondly, due to heavy showers of rain and sometimes even storms we face heavy power failure. Nothing to keep us warm except for the woolens of course.

So as a result I developed cough and cold symptoms.

Now, cough can be pretty dangerous for asthmatic patients. It blocks your airway.

That led to me having a few asthmatic attacks.

To add to it I developed throat infection causing fever that was hard to detect on the outside. But I was literally shivering from within.

…….. (to be continued)

Part 2: My march in March : The Attacks and After

Thank you for reading!

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