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The Soul is Free

The beautiful little bird perched atop a tree branch.

Colourful, tiny, pretty, a real natural beauty. It often got camouflaged with the pretty and colourful flowers of the blooming tree.

I usually sat down on my work desk and stare out the window trying to catch a glimpse of it whenever I heard it sing the loveliest of its songs.

At such moments my pet cat would come and sit on my lap trying to catch my attention with his jealous purr. Cats are that way aren’t they?

Actually we all are. Jealousy is a part of nature. Humans and animals alike. Jealousy has consequences too.

One day I sat down on my work desk again staring out the window, my eyes searching for the pretty little winged beauty. However the sight that awaited me was something opposite.

The pretty little birdie had landed up in my pet cats mouth. I stared with my mouth open, aghast at my cats actions. He was about to tear it apart and run away to a secret location where he could devour the bird without being disturbed. But I decided otherwise.

I ran out the door and stood in my cats way. I didn’t allow him to run away. I commanded him to sit and so he did. Who’s the master?

Then I reached out and wrestled the bird out of his mouth. My cat immediately ran away as I held the little bird in my hands.

Its eyes were half closed, its limbs were limp, its feathers were dishevelled because of the attack and most importantly it was not breathing. I prayed to God to bring back its life, I prayed relentlessly but the bird didn’t move.

I accepted the fact which the bird had accepted a while back. The life inside it was gone. The breath it had, had turned to air.

It’s amazing isn’t it how in life the air becomes the breath and how in death the breath becomes the air.

I carried it’s lifeless body to a point beneath the very window through which I used to stare outside trying to catch a glimpse of it everyday and gave it a proper burial. I prayed that its soul may find release and be free. Like it always was. Free as a bird.

This story is based on real incidents.

Many years back my cat attacked a little bird and I couldn’t bear the sight of it. Trying to give its life back I wrestled with the cat but the bird was already dead. I buried the bird in the garden of my previous home. I hope it has found peace and rest.

Thank you for reading! Have a nice day!

Presented for

Elemental Writing Challenge – Air / Free (using photo prompt)

Your Daily Word Prompt (April6) – Aghast

© A Pause for Nature with SanaH


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