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The Hikers Trail

Laura was very bored with her life.

Get up at 6 am. Go to office at 9 am. Come back home at 5 pm. Too tired to go clubbing. Too many household chores to complete in the weekends so she had no other plans except for binge watching. Until one day she decided to break the monotony of her life.

She decided to go hiking on a dangerous trail. Thrilling adventure to add spice to her life.

On the day of hiking the weather was at its best. The beautiful mountain trail welcomed her. She took a deep breath and started off.

Everything was going fine until her foot slipped. She lost balance and fell several feet below the hill breaking her ankle. She couldn’t move and it was getting dark. Her forehead was bleeding heavily too.

She took out her cellphone and tried sending one last message home before she lost her sense.

When she opened her eyes she was surrounded by something that looked like humans. They were all gray and lacked lustre. She found herself inside a cave. It seemed like they all lived there. They were the spirits of the lost hikers. The cave was their abode of afterlife.

She frantically searched for her back pack, her cellphone and other belongings which was nowhere to be seen. It was then that one of the spirits raised its hand and pointed out of the cave. Frightened she looked out. What met her eyes shocked her.

Her belongings were all scattered outside and beside them lay her lifeless body. Rescue workers were hovering here and there. One of them picked up her cellphone and said “She tried sending a message home, it says ‘HELP!’ “.

In response to

The Story Starter Challenge #18

Thank you for reading!

© (“The Hikers Trail” first appeared on) A Pause for Nature


5 thoughts on “The Hikers Trail

  1. So sad and scary.

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    1. Thank you so much for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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