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Opposites Attract Challenge #3 – Mr. Jones

(Picture borrowed from The Haunted Wordsmith)

Mr. Jones died yesterday.

Yes Mr. Jones, the politician… the self made billionaire.

He started off as a hawker in the streets. Went on to become a salesman. And ended up becoming a politician.

Did someone mention that he won the election every five years?

Very lucky man. He was never caught cheating. A very popular figure in his area. Mostly known for his crimes against women.

Mr. Jones. A street urchin turned billionaire. A very arrogant man with a weird sense of humour. He once fed his maid to the sharks and laughed as they tore her apart.

Psst! He had a secret affair with her.

Too much success got to his head. But as they say – Death humbles even the mighty. It did the same to Mr. Jones.

He never got up from his slumber last night. And now he lays cold in his bed. Cold as ice.

Mr. Jones died yesterday. His death taught us a lesson.

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Opposites Attract Challenge #3 hosted by The Haunted Wordsmith

Thank you for reading!

© A Pause for Nature with SanaH


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