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When love hurts – Part 2

(Before Pritam went abroad)

“Pritam you shouldn’t waste your time on that girl. She has nothing to offer you. You are rich and good looking. Plus there’s a lot of fish in the sea” said Navneet, Pritam’s close friend.

“I guess you are right. She is too plain and stupid for me. Everybody warned me about her from the start. I should have listened to you guys before” said Pritam.

“When are you going abroad?” asked Navneet.

“In two months” replied Pritam.

“Finish off everything. Break up. And leave without a burden on your shoulder” said Navneet.

(That evening)

“Pritam, I will really miss you while you are abroad” said Sajni.

“Well you don’t need to anymore” replied Pritam.

“Why? What’s wrong?” asked Sajni.

“It’s over. Break up. Now forget me and find someone else” replied Pritam.

“What are you saying Pritam?”

“Whatever you heard Sajni. I can’t go on anymore. I am leaving in two months and will be gone for two years. Find someone else and get married” Pritam replied rudely.

It wasn’t the first time Pritam behaved rudely with her. By now she was accustomed to his rude behaviour.

Sajni stood there watching him leave as he disappeared into a turning up ahead.

(Present time)

Pritam asked a shopkeeper “Wasn’t that girl Sajni?”

Shopkeeper replied “Yes. Sajni madam. She is a professor in the city college. You know her sir?”

“Yes. She was my girl…. I mean we were friends in college” replied Pritam.

“Friends? But she acted like she doesn’t know you. Anything wrong sir?” asked the shopkeeper.

“Well I guess she doesn’t remember me anymore” replied Pritam.

“Haha! Happens a lot these days sir. Times are a changing” the shopkeeper said laughing.

“Is she married?” asked Pritam.

“Who? Sajni madam? No” replied the shopkeeper.

The shopkeepers reply did ease the heaviness he had been feeling in his heart ever since he arrived but the void remained.

The void that once contained Sajni. It was now open like a gaping wound in his heart.

For Pritam love did hurt. After two long years, it hurt. It was his own making.

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3 thoughts on “When love hurts – Part 2

  1. Ah, that is the way it goes sometimes…

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    1. Yes it does. 😊 what goes around comes around.
      Thank you for reading!!

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      1. You are welcome 🙂

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