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Kristian Fogarty of Tales from the mind of Kristian has tagged me in Tell the Story Challenge and the photo prompt for the same is :

It’s beautiful!

I apologise for taking some time to come up with the post in response to this. Without further delay here goes.


Ahhh! Finally I reached the Bahamas.

What a beautiful place to be on a vacation. This time I was travelling solo. No one to bother me. Just me and nature.

Standing there and admiring the beach with the waters gently kissing my toes I looked back into my life and all the struggles I endured.

Struggling to make ends meet, working till my back broke (metaphorically), going on for days without proper sleep and food. Oh boy! Phew!

I am glad those days are far gone now. Now I am a billionaire. I have everything I desire. Owner of the biggest and most flourishing electronics company.

Life seemed really very beautiful now!


Me: Hey Mom!

Mom: How are you Caitlyn? It’s been almost a year now.

Me: I am on a vacation mumma. Is there something important to say?

Mom: Honey, do you recall the last time we sat together for dinner? Or the last time you slept with your head on my lap? The last time we hugged each other? Come home Caitlyn.

Me: Mom, I…..

Mom: Are you ashamed to enter my shoe-box sized apartment? Did all the success make you forget me? Did you forget me, Caitlyn?

Me: (after a long pause) Sorry mom. I know I haven’t called you and never made plans to visit you, but believe me I haven’t forgotten you. I love you mom!

Mom: I love you Caitlyn. And you are everything I have. Come home.

The heart touching conversation made me realise “there’s no place like home and there’s no love as warm as a mother’s love”. Besides all the riches seem pretty insignificant without anyone to call your own.

Now the Bahama beach seemed empty without my mom.

(Loosely based on a true conversation. Now go call your mom!)

This post is also in response to :

Your Daily Word Prompt by Sheryl

Thank you for reading!

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