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Working on Relationships 4 : Arguments

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Working on Relationships

Working on Relationships 2 : Personal

Working on Relationships 3 : The ones who leave

Hello dear readers and my dear friends!

Mention one single most useless thing in this world….


Yes, it is. The single most useless thing.

Don’t believe me? Try it then. Go ahead!

Get into a good fight/ argument with your partner/ loved one and after a few hours you will be sitting alone in the sofa and repenting it.

Rather say you will be feeling sorry about arguing with them.

It doesn’t matter who starts the argument, if either of you do not respond to it or carry it further the argument will definitely stop.

And moreover an argument never feels good in the first place.

It is the source of all ill feelings in a relationship.

Arguments are like slow poison, it kills the relationship slowly.

The source of arguments can be anything but the solution is pretty simple, just keep quiet for a while. Keep your calm.

Talk to each other again kindly once your anger vanishes.

Value the people in your lives. You will never find another one like them again.

Thank you for reading!

This post ‘Working on Relationships 4 : Arguments’ first appeared on A Pause for Nature with SanaH


7 thoughts on “Working on Relationships 4 : Arguments

  1. How nice that this rose could be If I saw as it really was! Tapering red ,made as a bunch what a beauty,I admired a lot !

    I shall focus you next ,to a flower with many petals ,colored yellow itโ€™s named sunflower grows here

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  2. SanaH I am about to travel out . Shall meet tomorrow next .thank! Take care.

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    1. Happy journey! Take care!


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