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Working on Relationships 3 : The ones who leave

The first post of this series is Working on Relationships

The second post of this series is Working on Relationships 2 : Personal

Hello dear readers and my dear friends!

Today I am going to say something about ‘the ones who leave’.

Don’t confuse this topic with ‘the one that got away’. That is something different.

At times people may find themselves at the crossroads of their relationship. Somewhere where your partner says something like “Hey, it’s been a lovely journey so far. But now it’s time we go our separate ways”.

Ouch! Wait what happened?

And before you find a clue, they are gone.

But you are still standing there hoping maybe someday they will come back. Well unfortunately that never happens.

Then you will spend endless days and nights staring at the ceiling, clock, outside the window and what not.

You will feel like your life just ended.

Practically speaking, your life has just begun.

The ones who leave were never really here to stay in the first place.

They come and they go. Like the wind.

You can never force them to stay. And if you do things can get violent. Abusive.

You may feel devastated but it’s high time you find yourself and give your life a proper shape and meaning.

Then comes the people who are here to stay. Make room for them. For they will give you love and joy.

If you ever have negative emotions dogging you, remember that there’s someone waiting for you.

In this context I would like to urge you to read this beautiful poem by Utsav Raj of My Spirals:

Something about Naomi

Thank you for reading.

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