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Working on Relationships 2 : Personal

The first post of this series is here.

Hello readers and my dear friends!

Yesterday I shared with you a post in which I spoke of improving ourselves for the sake of the people who matter to us and to let go of ego.

Today let’s talk about ‘Personal’.

Remember your first date? Or atleast maybe your first meeting?

Your dear one may have been too shy to talk to you, maybe she turned down your offer to hold her hand or a tiny peck on the cheek.

Maybe she refused to walk beside you in public in front of your friends and colleagues, refused to sit beside you in the canteen.

But maybe, just maybe she wanted to talk to you in person, alone, without your friends staring at you both.

Maybe she just wanted to keep personal matters personal.

Public display of affection is not the only way of expressing love for your dear one. Building a proper relationship requires time and effort.

Never rush things to the point that you start demanding affection from your partner, just to show your friends what you are capable of.

Also if your partner if not comfortable with you posting pictures (of you two together) on social media, then please do not do it.

It’s love that matters the most. Not likes or comments.

Respect your partners choice or opinion. Respect gives way to loyalty. Loyalty is the foundation stone of any relationship.

Thank you for reading.

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