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Working on Relationships

Hey there everyone!

I am sure you all have been through those days or times when you and your family member/spouse have fought or argued over many issues.

Well I am here to say this:

If your close one is asking you to not do something because they don’t like it /it annoys them/ they are not comfortable / they are not happy with you doing that stuff then please try and consider their request.

It doesn’t harm you in any manner.

I know it’s difficult to stop doing something / change a habit overnight but please work on it.

Cut down on such actions / habits one day at a time.

Even after that I am sure that habit will not be gone forever but atleast your efforts to change it will make your close one comfortable around you.

They trust you, respect you and hope that you will at least listen to their request. So please work on it. It’s great for the relationship to keep going strong.

Do not use harsh words or argue when they talk to you about something that is annoying them.

It’s nothing to be shy about. We all do have annoying habits/acts. Let us just try and change a few aspects about this.

Don’t hurt the people who are close to you or whom you love (or love you) for the sake of your ego.

Thank you for reading.

This post “Working on Relationships” first appeared on A Pause for Nature with SanaH


5 thoughts on “Working on Relationships

  1. I so so agree! Thank you for this post.

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    1. Hey I am extremely glad you liked it.
      Family and loved ones are the most important in a persons life. I value them and I thought I could share a post to work on the ties that bind an individual to his/her family.

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