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Flower of the Day : Balsam

This post is in response to :

Cee Neuner’s challenge Flower of the Day FOTD January 7

(Click on the link to be a part)


Next to books I have always preferred flowers as an excellent gifting idea.

Their colour and beauty can easily lift up peoples moods.

Moreover I believe every flower shares the message of love and peace.

Thank you for visiting.

A Pause for Nature with SanaH


4 thoughts on “Flower of the Day : Balsam

  1. Wonderful photos for today 😀

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  2. Thank you for these wonderful photos. I had to look up “Balsam” and found out that it is an impatiens, or as we know it colloquially, at least in the wild, “Touch-me-not” or “Jewelweed”. I had not understood that Balsam is actually a double flowered version of the wild form (wildflowers are mostly all I know.) Thank you for stimulating this research. One can never learn too much about flowers, whether wild or in their cultivated forms. Best wishes,

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    1. Hello Phoebe! Thank you so much for appreciating my effort. It really means a lot to me.
      I will continue to share about many more flowers and plants or trees that I shall come across.
      Thank you for visiting!
      Have a great day ahead!


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