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Flower of the Day : Petunia

This post is in response to :

Cee Neuner’s challenge Flower of the Day FOTD January 5

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Folklore has it that Petunias will flower in places with an abundance of positive energy.

Petunias as a gift represents that the giver is comfortable /compatible with the receiver.

Have someone special in mind?

Go grab a bunchful of Petunias and surprise them before it’s too late.

I would like to leave a link to another bloggers post here. Enjoy the beautiful flowers!

FOTD January 5 by Hadd Hai Yaar

Thank you for visiting!

A Pause for Nature with SanaH


2 thoughts on “Flower of the Day : Petunia

  1. Petunias! Wow, always reliable summer color, at least here in the northern USA. Your photos are lovely! Petunia is In the solanaceae or Nightshade family along with potato, tomato and tobacco, but with completely fused petals unlike those plants, this relationship is sometimes not recognized.

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    1. Hello Phoebe!
      Petunias are really very lovely. Simple yet beautiful. I got them from a nursery a few blocks away from my home.
      I must say that I didn’t know much about the plant/flower either.
      Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment.
      Have a nice day!


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