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Flower of the Day : Chrysanthemum

This post is in response to :

Cee Neuner’s challenge Flower of the Day FOTD December 25.

(Click on the link to be a part)


The word Chrysanthemum is derived from the ancient Greek ‘chrysos’ meaning ‘gold’ and ‘anthemon’ meaning ‘flower’.

They are perennial plants.

A few species of Chrysanthemum flowers are used to prepare tea in Asia.

Chrysanthemum leaves and flowers are also edible.

They are a natural source of insecticide.

They are harmful to fish.

Chrysanthemum is known to reduce indoor air pollution. (by NASA Clean Air Study)

Here’s wishing all my friends and readers a Merry Christmas.

May your lives light up with joy.

Thank you for visiting!

A Pause for Nature with Sanah


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