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Is This Celebration?

This post is in response to :

Writing Every Week -# Week 6 by Kripi

“Many many happy returns of the day baby!” – A couple wished their baby who had just turned a year old.

They had planned a huge celebration.

Guests thronged their home as the little girls birthday bash was in full swing.

People from far and near, in expensive and designer clothing with expensive and unique gifts for her had come today.

The parents were really happy except for one tension that had always been their headache ever since she was born.

Her frail health.

A doctor frequented their home, almost once every month to check on her.

However no one knew what the issue was.

Just as the guests sat down to have the lip smacking delicious lunch the unthinkable happened.

The little girl fell ill again. The doctor was called.

The parents asked everyone to keep their calm.

The child was declared dead right in the middle of her own birthday celebration.

The doctor left but not the guests.

They continued to wine and dine as the child lay in eternal sleep.

Well her parents couldn’t have driven them away anyways, right?

In the end, was this really a celebration or irony of humankind?

This post is inspired by true events.

Do feel free to leave a comment or suggestion.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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3 thoughts on “Is This Celebration?

  1. Death on birthday … dark turn to the story.
    Very well written Sanah.

    Liked by 1 person

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