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Wacky Weekend Challenge Announcement

Forget the cold winters, ignite your minds, prepare yourselves for yet another challenge…. Here comes!

The Dark Netizen

Greetings fellow readers and writers,

Welcome to The Wacky Weekend Challenge hosted by The Dark Netizen. So, here’s how the challenge goes:

I post a word as the challenge word. Your mission should you choose to accept the challenge is to weave magic with your writing using the word in any form. It could be used as a theme, as a part of a post, as a part of the word, anything goes as long as you use the word. The challenge will run for a duration of a week, and a new challenge will be issued every week.

Simply, leave a comment below my challenge post, mentioning the link to your post.

Here are some rules:

  1. You have to make use of the challenge word
  2. Your response to the challenge can be any form of writing: stories, poems, poems that tell stories, jokes, anything goes as far as it…

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