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Who is responsible?

A teenager is walking back home from a tiring day in the college.

He bids his friends goodbye and enters through the front door.

How he expects his mother to welcome him home with a warm hug and mouth watering lunch but all he gets to see is

A drunk woman lying on the sofa, an empty bottle lying on the floor.

No food, no hugs, no love.

He wakes her up and starts shouting and screaming.

“Mom! Why do you do this to us?

Have I to remind you your duties and responsibilities as a mother, as a daughter?

This is not the first time you got drunk.

It’s the same story everyday since the last 19 years! ”

His mother tries to reply but is too drunk to speak.

He barges out the front door, hungry, sad but thankful that his younger brother is not home to see all of this drama.

Dear readers, who is responsible?

There are so many children who are being ill treated by their own parents at home. This gives rise to a trauma in their hearts and minds.

They suffer mentally, daily but yet never show. Try to remain strong, lest the world tramples them down.

These children suffer from mental health issues without even realising it.

Once again,

Who is responsible?

Thank you for your visit.

Have a great day!

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3 thoughts on “Who is responsible?

  1. You raise an important issue. The way we raise our children will make them an asset or a liability to the world. Our world is full of problems because of the way past generations and us have raised our children.

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    1. Yes indeed.
      Thank you for reading!

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