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Visitors In Our Yard

This post is in response to:

Hadd Hai Yaar’s Weekly Animals (HHYWAS)

Good evening everyone!

Winter is gripping fast.

No sunshine at all today.

Spent a lazy afternoon staring out the window when I noticed visitors.

Say hello!

Our neighbour owns a local chicken farm.

Not that big and large scale one but good enough. Good income she makes through this.

They come here very often. Happy to see them again today.

Thank you for visiting!

Have a nice day!

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4 thoughts on “Visitors In Our Yard

  1. I always wanted to own some chickens but I live in the village where it’s not allowed.

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    1. Oh, what is the reason behind this?
      Even we thought of owning some, but right now we are unable to do so.


      1. I believe it’s because neighbors are so close to one another that owning chickens or livestock could bother them with the smell and noise. Most of us have tiny yards. You also need a plan for manure management.

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