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Her Eyes Spoke Volumes

This post is in response to :

Writing Every Week – #week 5 by Kripi

Scotts Daily Prompt

Eyes are the most essential part of a one on one communication.

Love, hatred, contentment, despise… every emotion can be fluently communicated through ones eyes.

One fine morning I met a woman sitting opposite to me on the train. She looked stoic with her glasses on. Rather say sunglasses on.

She looked out the window and tried to remain aloof to the hustle and bustle inside the train.

I thought to myself ‘weird lady’.

She was pulling a book out of her purse when she dropped it. My reflexes sent me fetching it for her and so I started a conversation.

Me: “Here’s your book. Where are you headed to?”

The Lady: “Thank you! I have an appointment with someone, so I am headed to the city” she sounded very kind.

Me: “Doctor?”

The Lady: “No, it’s um…. actually…. a Lawyer” she murmured.

Me: “Oh! What’s the issue?” sounding very nosy.

The Lady didn’t utter a word. She remained silent and turned her face away from me, again staring outside the window.

I was staring at her and saw a tiny tear glistening against her cheek as it slid down from behind her glasses.

I preferred to remain quiet.

The train stopped for a while and some people got down leaving behind the two of us in the awkward silence.

As it started to move again the Lady smiled.

Me: “Found something funny eh?”

The Lady removed her glasses only to reveal a swollen, bruised and blackish eye on the right.

I gasped a little but returned to normal thinking it might embarrass her.

The Lady: “Funny? Yes it’s my husband. A boxer on and off the ring. This is his style of communication” sounding hurt and holding back her emotions.

Now she didn’t look stoic anymore.

Her eyes were clearly communicating to me her hurt, her pain, her helplessness. Her eyes, her means of communication, were filled with tears.

The Lady: “My appointment is with a Lawyer. Hope he will help me get a divorce. I literally do not want anything from him except for my dignity and I will walk away giving him his freedom back.”

I was actually taken aback by the whole story that she hid behind her glasses. So I didn’t utter a word.

At the last stop it was time we both got down. Before stepping down she held my hand and spoke to me.

The Lady: “It wasn’t always like this. This has happened due to lack of proper communication between us. So I advise you to take care of that communication thing in the future. Helps build a good and firm relationship” she said as she put back on her glasses and walked away.

Me: “Good luck ma’am!” I said, not sure of whether she heard it or not. I stared at her as she disappeared into the turning far away.

I too walked away towards my destination and thought of her advice and knew it would be on my mind till the end of time.

Thank you for reading.

Have a great day ahead!

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6 thoughts on “Her Eyes Spoke Volumes

  1. So touched with your story. And advice of the lady is true indeed “lack of communication can spoil relationships.”
    Very well written Sanah.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Never judge anyone too harshly – you don’t know what they are going through – a smile can hide pain just as well as sunglasses. A very good read.

    Liked by 1 person

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