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Cherry Blossom – A Paranormal Story (Part – 2)

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Cherry Blossom – A Paranormal Story (Part 1)


Somehow Evelyn convinced Rose to not do anything stupid after the strange warning from their rather unfriendly Warden.

Rose: “Aw, snap! Eve you do have a way with words.”

Evelyn: “It’s for your own good. Besides it’s getting rather windy outside. I would rather find comfort under the blanket than staring at nothing on that “haunted” terrace.”

Evelyn was trying to sound strong but she was actually a little bit shaky owing to what the Warden said to them a while ago.

As the two girls walked away from the dining hall to their allotted room, the Warden silently watched them from behind. She had parted the door open, creating a small separation.

A thin streak of light from the dining hall entered her room and fell on her desk where she had placed an old lantern and a tiny scribble pad.

She drew a small grin but an anxious eyebrow on her face as she slowly close the door shut.


(On the same night)

Half past midnight.

Evelyn: “Oh my God! Rose, help!”

Surprisingly taken, rising up from her bed, half asleep Rose reacted.

Rose: “What Eve? What is it?”

Evelyn: “I was working on this project for tomorrow and I cut my finger a little deep. It won’t stop bleeding. What now?”

Rose: “Oh girl! You almost freaked me out. We will fix it okay? There’s a first aid kit with the Warden, we go to her, get it fixed and for God sake get some sleep girl! Let me sleep too!”

Evelyn: “I didn’t mean to freak you out. It… just… happened… okay!”

Rose getting down from her bed.

Rose: “Move fast now. I don’t want to be up all night.”

Evelyn: “After you.”


The girls now out of their room moved across the dining hall towards the Warden’s room.

Just as Rose was about to knock on her door, she found the door slightly open. She slowly pushed it aside only to create a small slit.

Evelyn: “Rose, stop spying will you? I need some help here remember?”

Rose: “Shhh…. Wait.”

Evelyn: “I am bleeding…. ”

Rose: “Just shut up okay!” she whispered.

Evelyn was surprised at this point. So she stooped down a little to have a peek in. She was surprised when she saw an old lantern burning bright and beside it in a scribble pad the sketch, rather very strange sketch of a mysterious lady.

Both the girls found the room empty and hence decided to leave. They decided to seek help from other girls near their room. They dared not enter the Warden’s room owing to it’s strange aura. They were scared. They shut the door and left without glancing back.

As they hurried back to their room,

Rose: “We hardly ever have power failure then why that old and mysterious lantern?”

Evelyn: “Plus who’s that creepy lady in the sketch? What is our Warden up to? And of course where is she at half past midnight?”

They had no answers at this point.

Meanwhile the Warden was taking slow but firm steps as she climbed the stairs that led to the haunted top floor. In her hand she held the beads of rosary.

(To be continued….)

Thank you for reading and have a great day ahead!


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