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Out of the Ordinary

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will get you everywhere else. – Albert Einstein

Greetings Dear Readers!

I bring to you something special today!

I paid a visit to my grandma today and as always it was heartwarming.

It was like each day of my childhood played right in front of my eyes.

Lovely indeed! Great food, all the love, all your sweet memories but the same relationships.

It has so much to offer.

So today in her garden I happened to discover this strange out of the ordinary moment or rather say plant.

Have a look!

Brothers from different breed!

At first it would appear well ordinary. But notice properly.

What do you see?

Well this original plant has wrinkled up, dark green coloured, spiky leaves.

But somehow a plant species of different kind has made its place in its branch. It has much broader and plain leaves.

Here’s another picture!

Now, one family!

A better view right?

We all too had a good laugh today seeing this out of the ordinary plant brothers.

They are in complete harmony with each others existence in the same plant body.

Nature never fails to surprise us. Moreover she teaches us good lessons.

Thank you all for reading!

Have a nice day! 😊


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