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It’s Disappearing

I made a short trip today and realised something that we have been ignoring for some time now.

I noticed that more and more agricultural lands are disappearing.

Now I really am not sure as to how we are going to compensate for the lack of food grains, but I would like to share a few pictures to illustrate.

Actually it is not just about the disappearing agricultural lands, the vanishing act of the vibrant green cover of Earth is also alarming.

Just think. Would you like to wake up to a world with no fresh air to breathe in?

Don’t you think that we at the individual level are responsible to keep the green cover on Earth from disappearing?

Have a look.

Some vast agricultural lands
Green cover in a place

But these are fast disappearing. Infact a few years back the same places were much vibrant looking with ample vegetation and ripe food grains all over.

But nowadays a lot of people have started encroaching these otherwise fertile lands and are using it to build their homes, business institutions, hotels, restaurants, etc. It’s just anything but agriculture.

I don’t know what is responsible. Maybe it’s population explosion or the otherwise positive economic growth or something else.

Is rampant

Then I realised that many farmers are not getting the right value of their produce. They are cheated and lied to time and again.

Thus many of them leave their trade for another, sell their lands and relocate and many others opt out of life itself as they can’t bear it anymore.

But the situation and condition are both serious as the ever growing population has an ever growing demand for food.

It is high time for us to think about this problem and save our agricultural lands from disappearing and being misused.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Disappearing

  1. Sadly we’re seeing the same thing here. All around our city is really productive farmland. Much of it is being sold for housing developments. As a result we’re increasing the regional population while simultaneously reducing the ability of the region to feed itself. So we have food shipped from far away that could be grown locally, using more resources in the process. It all seems a bit crazy when you start to think about it.

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    1. Very true. Here too our farmer brothers and sisters are still economically weak as the local markets import food stock from outside the state.


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