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Cherry Blossom – A Paranormal Story (PART-1)

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Your Daily Word Prompt by Sheryl

Scotts Daily Prompt – Pitch


Cherry Blossom House – An ordinary girl’s hostel, received it’s fresh batch of new girls.

Thirty young girls, a strict warden and her assistant were the residents there.

The old building amused everyone, it’s cracked walls, faded paint but most surprisingly an unfinished top floor, which was more like a terrace.

But no one was allowed to go to the top floor.


Evelyn and Rose were room mates, they became fast friends. They were adventurous, fun loving, outgoing and loved to hang out often.

No wonder they sometimes fell into trouble or rather say caused one.

Evelyn: “Hey Rose! The other day I heard some of our seniors talk about the top floor of this building being haunted. You believe this?”

Rose: “I heard some stories myself but couldn’t care less. They just doing our minds you know. And it’s gonna take more than just stories to convince me ya know? ‘Cause seeing is believing baby!”

Evelyn: “Wanna go pay a visit upstairs at night? Everyone’s gonna fall asleep after dinner anyways. Let’s see it for ourselves.”

Rose: “Count me in Eve!”


At the dinner hall Evelyn and Rose were giggling and joking about their secret plan to go to the top floor when the Warden overheard them.

Warden: “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

Rose: “Excuse me! Were you overhearing our conversation?”

Warden: “Yes young lady. And I am warning you from doing anything stupid. Not tonight, not any other night, you two aren’t going there!”

Rose: “Hey it’s just a lame story of the top floor being haunted okay? None of that is true and we are gonna prove that to everyone. We are actually doing you guys a favour.”

Warden: “Not everytime is a story of a haunted floor actually hoax and lame. Besides a mason once actually saw something up there but alas he is not in his sane self to speak of it anymore.”

Saying this she left as Evelyn and Rose stared back at her with their mouths open until she disappeared into her room.

Outside the night was growing darker, pitch black. A perfect night for the perfect crime.

The owls were hooting, cool breeze blowing as if trying to whisper something.

Evelyn: “Hey Rose! Wanna drop this idea? Sounds scary to me now.”

The owls began hooting at a higher pitch.

Rose: “No way! The game’s just started and we don’t stop until we can pitch the fact that this stupid haunted top floor of a darn old building is just another false story.”

(To be continued……..)

I will continue this and provide links to the upcoming parts of this story. Stay tuned.

Thank you for reading.

Have a nice day!

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5 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom – A Paranormal Story (PART-1)

  1. This is fun to read. Looking forward to the next part.

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    1. Thank you for motivating me!


  2. My interest is piqued

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