Colour Bomb

Yes, colour bomb!

Not the colourful candy bombs in Candy Crush Saga. Oh sweet!

But the various resplendent colour bombs found in nature. There’s so many!

I am sure you can relate to one yourself as I am talking to you.

I found one and would like to share. Have a look!

Colour bomb!

Just look at the myriad of colours arranged so beautifully in so less a space. Now this I think is truly resplendent.

Isn’t it true that there are a few things in nature that can never be imitated by man?

This post is in response to Your Daily Word Prompt presented by Sheryl.

Thank you all for reading.

Have a nice day!

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2 thoughts on “Colour Bomb

  1. Love this! Nature has a billion things that cannot be imitated by man, the greatest (in my humble opinion) is the beauty of a sunrise or sunset. How resplendent they are!

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    1. Very true. Sunrise and sunset will always continue to amaze me.


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