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A Photo a Week Challenge : Ready, set, action!

This post is in response to A Photo a Week Challenge presented by Nancy Merrill.

Time – has no beginning and no end. One of the marvels of this universe.

The all powerful time. Time that can heal, time that can teach.

It’s existence is not felt, yet it can change lives. If you don’t value time, well chances are it will teach you a good lesson.

We can strap a watch on our wrists to keep a track of it but still can’t hold on to it.

Once it’s gone, it’s gone for good like sand slipping away from between our fingers.

Here I have tried to capture a few moments to illustrate the movement of time.

What? We can’t see time!

Yes I am aware of that but the moving hands of the clock tell us just that.

Also I tried capturing the rapid movement of the tiny rocket in the clock to show how rapid the movement of time is.


I hope you all make good use of the time at hand. Build good relations, do good actions, say nice words and many more.

Have a nice day!

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6 thoughts on “A Photo a Week Challenge : Ready, set, action!

  1. Very Creative!!! (and thought-provoking!)

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  2. Great response to the theme! Thanks for joining the challenge!

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    1. Thank you! I am really enjoying it.

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