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The Boss at Multitasking

Nope here I won’t be talking about Windows 10.

This post isn’t even closely related to technology or computers.

Here I am talking about The Boss at Multitasking and she is none other than our dear Mother Nature.


Well because men don’t create volcanoes in the middle of the ocean, like this one :

Volcano erupting in the Pacific Ocean (credit : Google Images)

Nor can men make it rain in a certain area while there’s sunshine just a few miles away.

And it is also not possible for men to make one half of the world dark (at night) while the other half is embracing a new day (sunshine).

So now you see who is The Boss at Multitasking!

This post is in response to Your Daily Word Prompt – Multitask presented by Sheryl and the link to her post is :

Thank you for reading.

Have a great day everyone!

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