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Man has always been building enclosures.

Some to call his home.

Some to call his territory.

Some to call it others territory.

Some to call it unknown and/dangerous.

Some to distinguish this area from that one.

In this manner today everything stands divided. Everything stands hugely unrelated to the other.

Well was that how Nature was supposed to be?

Who are we to decide boundaries? Who are we to subject every other living thing behind enclosures? What right do we have?

Animals in zoos, cutting down trees in one half of the world and growing a few other varieties in botanical gardens, restricting animal movements to only a certain region, etc. to name a few.

Who gave man this right? Or are we exercising tyranny over other living organisms because we are the supreme race on this planet?

Rather we must bring our minds and hearts out of the tiny enclosures we have built for ourselves and feel for everything that together makes up Nature, including us.

This post is in response to Your Daily Word Prompt presented by Sheryl and the link to her post is given below :

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2 thoughts on “Enclosure

  1. If the world was a safe place, there would be no need to enclose ourselves. No need for locks. I am totally against caging animals or putting wild animals in an enclosure like in a zoo. Even enclosing people who break the law in a tiny cell is inhumane. It breeds more anger and violence and prevents rehabilitation.

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