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What it looks like

A month back our family moved to a new place. Although it is taking some time to settle down.

Our plants and pet also moved with us. We had a tough time packing the plants with all the mud possible and now we are having to reverse it.

So here I would like to share a few pictures that describe our backyard now. Have a look!

Some of them are still in their poly bags
Everything’s a mess
Some didn’t survive the transit

This rubber plant had started to rot

Some are learning to survive
Our Australian Pine is doing good
A few Marigold plants-gift from our neighbour

It’s been raining since the last few days, a perfect excuse to not work in the garden. But then we don’t want them to wither away.

Hazy sunshine this morning motivated us to come out and get our hands dirty.

Will be repotting them and hope they thrive.

This post is in response to Tuesday Photo Challenge Week 125 – Backyard presented by ‘jansenphoto’. I would like to thank him for the same. You can find the link to his post below. Make sure you visit and share your experience.

Thank you for reading.

Have a great day everyone!

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3 thoughts on “What it looks like

  1. Plants are so nice to have and to watch them grow. Hope yours survive.

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