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Man once made a rash decision of felling trees and since then it has transformed into an infectious disease spreading far and wide.

Till date we are unable to come up with a cure for this rash decision. We owe Nature a lot.

The fate of wildlife as well as that of mankind now lies in our own hands.

This post is response to Word of the Day Challenge presented by Dee Kelly. The link to her post is given below :

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2 thoughts on “Rash

  1. Mankind tends to destroy everything it touches. All in an attempt to make their lives better and easier. Ignoring or not caring about the animals who’s natural habitats have been disappearing and then we kill them because they are in our backyards. Chopping down trees for the wood is a million dollar business. In the area where I live wooded areas are becoming bare. They keep building houses on top of each other. Perhaps one day there will be very little open spaces.

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    1. Yes, the fact that greenery in our world is fast disappearing raises my concern but not everyone seems to be bothered these days. So I try planting fruit tree saplings in and near my area and would urge everyone to do the same.


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