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Barefooted Adventure

An hour back I just returned from a short and thrill adventure with my younger cousin. He is just 12 years old. The colony we reside in is very close to a tributary of the Brahmaputra river. The name of the tributary is Jia.

It was almost evening, the sun was about to set and we two like fools set out to visit the Jia.

There aren’t any roads that lead to it. Just a muddy trail and you have to make your way through Bamboo tress and other wilderness.

There’s this danger of snakes, insects and other venom carrying beasts. To top that we had no torch or cell phone at hand. Yeah, I know stupid.

We were halfway through and my sandal strap broke. Yippee! Venus was already peeping through the sky. So we decided to run to the spot.

I lifted my sandals in my hand and we both started running on that muddy trail. Soon we reached that spot.

Guys now I am sorry because I don’t have any pictures with me but as I told you we had no cell phones.

The river is beautiful, calm, quite, not very majestic at this time of the year but yet captivating.

We decided not to get too close to the river fearing the undercurrent.

Our purpose was fulfilled. Now, we started running back home. Oh it was getting dark. Sandals in one hand and holding my little brother on the other, we ran without looking back.

A big dog nearly attacked my cousin. He hit him back with his fist and saved himself. Our hearts were palpitating rapidly. We ran even faster until the main road was visible.

Our elders were scolding us because we hadn’t informed them and were gone for like about an hour.

There were fruit bats flying over us reminding us that it’s dark now. And reminding us of the risk we took today. But YOLO.

I will post some pictures of the Jia someday. Also the Brahmaputra and other nearby regions from our town.

Until then take care and never go out on an adventure without being prepared for it. Atleast carry a torch with you. 😁

Thank you for reading!

Have a great day everyone!

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3 thoughts on “Barefooted Adventure

  1. so glad you’re both ok πŸ™‚

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