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It’s an ‘ Ant’s ‘ life

This post is in response to Tuesday Photo Challenge – Lift presented to us by ‘jansenphoto’. I am thankful to him for giving us this opportunity. The link to his above mentioned post is given below :

We have all heard this from our elders – “As industrious as an ant.”

The ant is one of the best and most abundantly available example given to us by Mother Nature herself.

Nature gifted ants with tremendous lifting capacity and if I have to put it in numbers then it would be ‘a 1000 times their own weight‘.

Here I captured the picture of an ant lifting the rice like white egg. The egg ain’t that heavy but not that we don’t know the ant’s capacity. Don’t we?

An ant doing it’s job

Thank you for reading.

Have a great day everyone!

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2 thoughts on “It’s an ‘ Ant’s ‘ life

  1. It is incredible what ants can lift.

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