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The healing dark

Some praise the Lord for Light, the living spark; I thank God for the Night, the healing dark. – Robert W. Service

There is an empty vastness above us. Infact it would be wrong if I say ’empty’. The correct term would be ‘known yet unknown’.

Gazing into the sky affects all of us in different ways. Take my example :

The clear blue sky gives me hope.

The cloudy sky reminds me of hardships and how we overcome it. It also makes me very sad, I don’t know why but it just happens.

And the night sky, I am sure it intrigues everyone. Like a mystery waiting to be solved. Sometimes black, sometimes blue. Doesn’t cease to amaze us.

Infact it takes darkness for us to realise the existence of stars and it is the night that brings out the beauty in them.

Here I tried capturing a view of the night sky. Of course there wasn’t enough light but it’s still beautiful that way isn’t it?

The moon above
The moon above (flash light used)

A little bit of flash from the phone camera gives the sky a different colour.

The moon is not visible clearly but we will see the full moon on 26th of this month.

The Goddess of Beauty, yes She is Venus
The very tiny bright speck against the dark blue sky that is Mercury

Have a great day everyone!

Thank you for reading.

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