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Know about : Shrawan

Good morning everyone!

We have entered the month of Shrawan which holds a significance for all Hindus.

This month is dedicated to Lord Shiva and every Monday of this month many people visit temples to perform Abhishek.

Many devotees also participate in the Bol Bam / Kanwar Yatra. The purpose of this Yatra (Yatra means journey) is to first go to a natural water body usually river and obtain the water in a Kamandal then people head back to the temple and offer the water to the Lord by performing Abhishek.

The interesting part of the Kanwar Yatra is that all devotees whether young or old make this journey barefooted. Sometimes it becomes an overnight journey even.

Also the devotees chant Bol Bam during the entire journey to keep their spirits up. Most devotees don’t consume eatables or other food during this journey. Water is their only source of refreshment.

Usually the Kanwar Yatra begins on a Sunday and ends at the temple door on Monday morning.

People wear orange coloured clothes while making this journey. Many other devotees stay away from non-vegetarian diet for the entire month of Shrawan.

All the rituals that the devotees perform during this month is undertaken to offer our thanks to Lord Shiva.

The content I could provide in this post is very little as compared to the real action that is to be seen here during these days.

I couldn’t visit the temple this morning so I did whatever little I could do to thank the Lord for His goodness.

Lighting of incense sticks
A photo of Lord Shiva, the Shivalingam, prasadam
The Shivalingam with Abhishek

Have a great day everyone. Om Namah Shivaaya!

(Kamandal means an oblong water pot

Abhishek means showering of milk or water over a deity, here I am talking about showering of milk or water over the Shivalingam

Shrawan month usually extends from mid July to mid August)

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