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Living with Ashtma

Last year I got diagnosed with pre-stage Asthma. Well I suffered a lot before it got diagnosed. I had to be rushed to the emergency ward almost once every week.

The first attack came one evening. I had no idea what was happening. I could hardly breathe. I was scared, very scared.

An elderly doctor treated me. I had developed chest infection as well. The other week it happened again. One attack followed another. I was nebulized 6-7 times. It gave me some relief.

One night at around three o’clock it happened again. The attack woke me up from my sleep. I could feel my head spinning, my heart was beating very fast, I was sweating and I wanted to move but I couldn’t. Somehow I got up and was taken to the hospital again to get nebulized.

This time we decided to see a specialist. So we travelled to the city the same day. The next morning we met the specialist as per our appointment and there after a few tests and talks he diagnosed me with pre-stage Asthma.

Cheer up! My condition is improving. Takes time although. I am still under medication. I am still going for check-ups regularly.

So I have a few things to share with you, that you must know if you are an asthma patient. I am writing these down from my personal experiences and the results may vary from person to person:

1) Cold drinks and ice-cream are your biggest enemy.

2) Hot and warm beverage are your new buddies.

3) Keep your chest warm. However if it feels hot or uncomfortable then remove your jacket or shawl.

4) After you wash your hair make sure you dry it well. Use a dryer, it really helps.

5) Try to eat those foods that don’t form gas in your tummy. Sometimes the gas just adds to your breathing discomfort.

6) A few foods that you may avoid are: okra(bhindi), black gram(kaali dal), brinjal, eggs, glutinous rice(bora saul), etc. Actually your body will give you a signal if it is not comfortable with something.

You may avoid eggs only if you have an itchy sensation in your neck and chest.

7) Gargling also helps. Salt water gargling also helps.

8) Keep away from dust. Don’t use cold water for a prolonged period of time like bathing or if you wash clothes in a bucket or while washing the dishes. Use luke warm or warm water.

9) Keep your room, office, house well ventilated but stay away from smoke. You can use natural air-purifying plants. I discussed this recently in a separate post that you may find by clicking on this link below:

Air purifying plants

10) Last but not the least don’t overwork. Take care of yourself. After all Jaan hai toh jahaan hai (If there’s life then there’s a world).

Enjoy your day everyone! Thank you for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Living with Ashtma

  1. This is a really good post. My wife has had asthma for years. She even has a nebulizer at home.

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    1. I hope her condition improves. Maybe a specialist can also help her. Hope she will recover from this condition.

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